The Definitive Expert in Deception Detection


A unique and potent brand of expertise in the area of deception detection and response ellicitation -- made possible by the rare combination of decades of real-world, first hand experiences and unmatched subject matter knowledge.




Served for ten years as the CIA’s Chief Polygraph Examiner and Interrogator.

Creator of numerous deception detection training programs for various U.S Government agencies and the Department of Defense.

CNN Contributor (video segments from two appearances below)

FBI Counterterrorism Instructor

Anti-Terrorism Training Instructor - US Customs and Border Protection



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Former CIA Chief Polygraph Examiner and Deception Detection Expert Barry L. McManus, Barry has been interviewed on CNN about “The Truth About Lying” and on the subject of “Is Your Child Lying to You?”. An expert in detecting deception in both the government and private sector. Mr. McManus has developed the Human Audit as a baseline in detecting deception. Please visit this site often as more information will be added on a regular basis. Copyright 2011 The Global Traveler LLC.