The Definitive Expert in Deception Detection


The Human Audit:  Detecting Deception and Eiciting Responses

The Detecting Deception and Eliciting Responses program ls a specialized training workshop that instructs students, via lecture and scenario-based role playing, in how to detect deception and elicit responses in others through behavioral assessment and interviewing strategies.

Students are exposed to the psychology and physiology exhibited by people practicing deception. Once they recognize deceptive behaviors, students are taught to elicit information in a manner designed to resolve the inconsistencies between what their Subjects are saying and the messages they are conveying behaviorally.

The course challenges students with scenarios involving investigators and role players engaged in operational activities. At various points, students must decide which questions are best employed to elicit the information required to resolve the scenario. Immediate feedback is provided regarding the students decision making process.

Upon course completion, the student should understand the basics of rapport-based information elicitation techniques and how behavioral analysis can enhance the elicitation process.


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